WALKERS taking a stroll in one of the region’s beauty spots may receive a shock after another sign was placed in Teesdale informing visitors of nudists in the area.

The sign has been placed at a popular walking trail in Cotherstone, weeks after rangers removed an unauthorised sign in Hamsterley Forest.

Both signs read: “You may encounter naturists enjoying this area naked today. Simple public nudity is not illegal in England and Wales.”

A spokesperson from Forestry England said: "This is an unauthorised sign. We have not permitted or been made aware of any events taking place. The sign was removed last week by our rangers.

"While respecting an individual’s right to freedom of expression if other visitors feel harassed, alarmed or distressed, they should consider calling the police. If complaint was made to us and we saw the person, or people, we would consider asking them to get dressed or if the complaint was more serious report it to the police ourselves."