DINOSAURS large and small greeted visitors as Newcastle's Life Science Centre made a roaring return from lockdown at the weekend.

The new Lego Dino Experience, which includes the Brick Dinos exhibition, must be pre-booked online, a safety measure that Life has introduced to significantly reduce visitor numbers.

Linda Conlon, Chief Executive of Life, said: "We've created a new experience that combines two of our favourite things – Lego and dinosaurs.

"Many of our exhibitions and theatre spaces, including the Young Explorers' Zone, need to remain closed for now, but we’re sure that what we have on offer will delight and inspire visitors."

Artist Warren Elsmore and his team worked with a palaeontologist to carefully recreate some of the largest

beasts to ever walk the Earth in miniature Lego brick form.

Most models are dinosaur dioramas in glass cases. The stars of the exhibition, though, are the 4m long masiakasaurus and the pterosaur (commonly known as a pterodactyl) hovering overhead, with an impressive 2.4-metre wingspan.

Visitors will notice some changes that have been introduced for safety during the pandemic. For instance, everyone aged 11 years and older has to wear a face covering, including Life's staff. There will be a clear one-way route and everything is spaced out so that visitors can keep socially distanced from other families.