There's nothing better than a Saturday night takeaway.

However, instead of opting for your regular chinese or a classic McDonald’s, why don’t you give some independent restaurants in your area a chance?

Durham is home to a variety of restaurants, so there is guaranteed to be a takeaway to suit your preferences.

Here are five of the best-rated independent takeaway and delivery outlets in Durham, according to Tripadvisor. 


A pizza from Tia's (Photo: Facebook/ Tia's)

Tia’s serves Mexican and Mediterranean food- and you could be eating it for dinner tonight.

Chilli Con Carne, Enchiladas and Mediterranean King Prawns are just some delicious food items on the temporary collection menu.

(Credit:Google Maps)

It’s clear to see that this is a well loved restaurant and takeaway in Durham.

One person said Tia’s is “good value for money” and recommends it to vegans.

They added: “The vegan food is great tasting, as well as being lower in fat I'm presuming, as the food is not oily at all.”

Clare Smith, owner of Tia's, said: "Our food is freshly prepared to order using both local producers as well as importing from Mexico.

"We also cater for gluten free and vegan diners. We do the best frozen margaritas in Durham too!"

Ms Smith said the most popular dishes include quesedillas, Tia's Rose, nachos and enchiladas. 

Lebaneat Express

Chicken Parmos (Photo: Facebook/Lebaneat Express)

This restaurant specialises in Middle Eastern food and sambousek lamb, shwarma chicken and kofta chicken arejust some things that feature on the menu.

One happy customer commented: “Amazing food as always.

“we've never had a bad experience and its excellent value for money”

Another recommended the chicken shawarma wraps wrote: “”We get wraps to pickup from here virtually every week- I highly recommend this place especially for the price.”

Holi & Bhang Restaurant and Bar

Fancy an Indian tonight? (Photo: Facebook/Holi & Bhang Restaurant and Bar)

This is the best-rated Indian takeaway on the list.

One Tripadvisor user described it as “the best Indian in Durham”.

They added: “I had the most gorgeous Paneer Saag with Aloo and it was so good my partner had to stop me from ordering another one to go”.

Another wrote: “This may be the best Indian cuisine I have ever had - and it was delivered. I can't even imagine what it is like in the restaurant”.

Dalbeer Singh, chef at Holi & Bang told The Northern Echo: "We are one of very few restaurants in the North East that provide truly authentic Indian food.

"Our food has been researched and is exactly as you would get it in India- you won’t find chicken tikka masala on our menu!"

What should you order from here?

Mr Singh said: "Our most popular dishes are the Thali dishes, which are a number of small dishes served on a large platter".

Bhindi Jaipuri and Holi Thali are also popular choices.

Penash Restaurant

(Credit: Google Maps)

This restaurant and takeaway received 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor- the classic Jalfrezi and flavoursome tandoori lamb chops are just two things on the menu.

One person wrote: “The quality of their food certainly is different than that of a normal take-away!”

Another commented: “This restaurant is amazing!

“I ate in the restaurant a few weeks back and was extremely pleased- I had to come back for a takeaway.”

Amins Spice

A takeaway from Amins Spice (Photo: Facebook/Amins Spice)

Customers clearly love the Indian food at Amins, as they have a 5/5 rating on Tripadvisor.

One person wrote: “We had home delivery due to the coronavirus.

“The food was amazing- the tikka masala had a thick sauce and was flavoursome.”

Another wrote: “Beautiful food and very reasonably priced for the amount that you get.”

Have you tried any of these popular Durham takeaways? Let us know what you thought of them.