THE mystery of a man who keeps receiving yellow ducks in the post has taken another turn - as Amazon confirms he isn't being scammed.

Peter Jackson of Ushaw Moor, near Durham, has been driven 'quackers' after receiving one new yellow rubber duck almost every day for the past three weeks.

Mr Jackson first told The Northern Echo how puzzled he had become after a total of nine rubber ducks had made their way to his home on New Acres.

But in the past week, the 76-year-old has been receiving yet more parcels...and rubber ducks, this time accompanied by some very hilarious messages.

One message, written by someone called 'Ellie Harris' read: "For your boo boos xxx From Fake Doctor."

Meanwhile another read: "DUCK, DUCK....QUACK From Goose."

Speaking to The Echo, Mr Jackson said he still did not know who was behind the mystery parcels but hinted that they appeared to know he had a dog.

He said: "In the past week, I've had more rubber ducks, some Venison Chew Sticks for my dog and Scottish shortbread.

"I've been giving the ducks away to my son's wife, she has friends who have just had babies."

Dozens of readers of The Northern Echo got in touch to say they believed Mr Jackson was the victim of a 'brushing scam.'

But Amazon have since confirmed the mysterious goings-on are not suspicious after doing a bit of digging themselves. 

An Amazon spokesman said: “We have looked into the matter to ensure there is nothing webbed afoot.

"Mr Jackson is not going quackers, someone indeed is sending him rubber ducks. While we can’t reveal the customers true feathers, we can assure Mr Jackson he will not be receiving a ‘bill’.”

The case continues....