A MIDDLESBROUGH 31-year-old, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December, decided to continue being as active as possible and challenge herself to walk or jog 5K every day.

It came as a huge shock to Anna Lamb when one day she had a seizure after work, she was rushed to hospital and there they found a tumour in her brain.

Anna had two options after she was diagnosed, either the ‘watch and wait’ approach - monitor the tumour regularly and control her seizures with medication and let fate decide, or surgery, specifically a Craniotomy to ‘debulk the tumour’. She chose the latter.

Anna said: “I use the word ‘debulk’ because removing all cannot be done because of the position and configuration of the tumour. It is likely to be associated with significant risk to neurological functions such as speech, movement on the right side and integration of sensory information.

“I say impossible decision, but my thoughts have never really wavered. I’d rather be in control, than it be in control of me and then live with the hand I’ve been dealt as best I can. So the surgery route it is.

“Understandably Covid has slowed this process down. If I’m honest it’s more the unknown that has messed with my head a little over lockdown, the over thinking. The plan is to help keep me active and as fit as possible and take on the 5K every day challenge, every day up to the operation day and raise some money and awareness while doing so.”

Anna currently does not have an operation date.

So far she has raised £5,560 for The Brain Tumour Charity, smashing through her target of £750.

On Sunday Anna’s auntie Barbara Vowles decided to organise a 5K horse ride to raise funds for the charity, which researches new treatments for people with brain tumours.

The Northern Echo: The horse riders who rode 5K to raise money for The Brain Tumour charity. Picture: SARAH CALDECOTTThe horse riders who rode 5K to raise money for The Brain Tumour charity. Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT

Barbara said: “It went really well. It was really good, everyone attended - we had 16 horses that went out and did the 5K.”

The horse ride took place at Great Burdon Livery Yard in Darlington with the participants raising £485 for the charity on the day.

Anna walked her daily 5K during the horse ride, which saw the riders enjoy Prosecco and cake afterwards, which was donated by the women who work at the yard.

The Northern Echo: 16 women rode the 5K around Great Burdon Farm. Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT16 women rode the 5K around Great Burdon Farm. Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT

Barbara said: “It’s been a very stressful time for the family. but I think having the focus on raising money for the charity and knowing it’s going to make a difference has been really good. With Anna the charity has been especially good - it makes it a bit more worthwhile.

“Getting such an awful diagnosis - it has kept us going - we’re doing something for the long-run.

“On Sunday Anna was smiling, she had a really lovely day. The girls at the yard were absolute stars they kept the horses chilled.”

Before Anna had her first seizure she had no symptoms to alert her that she had a brain tumour.

When she is having a bad day, Anna people carry on the challenge for her and they are subbed to do the 5K - people can walk, run, jog or cycle.

To donate go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Anna-Lamb11