A DRAGON boat club is entering the final push of a fundraising campaign to pay for a Polynesian six-seater canoe.

The Three River Serpents, based in Durham, has to raise around £120 by the end of next week or it will lose almost £5,000 in funding.

The money is being used to pay for a Tahitian boat, which was partially funded by the Great Britain Outrigger Canoe Association.

The canoe, thought to be the only one in the region, opens up new opportunities for people to train, be part of a team and to race together from the North Sea to the South Pacific and everywhere in between.

To raise money the club is virtually retracing the 11014.62mile journey the canoe made from Tahiti to Durham.

Members are completing the voyage by any self-propelling means possible including running, cycling, paddling, rowing, walking and climbing.

Coach Keni Mayes said: “The canoe is offering us the opportunity to get out on the sea which you cannot do with a dragon boat.

“Outriggers are designed to ridden on the waves. It is opening up opportunities for the club and the community.”

The club, which meets at Durham Amateur Rowing Club, on the River Wear, is always looking for new members.

It has until July 19 to hit the target or funds raised so far will have to be returned.

To support the club visit: crowdfunder.co.uk/the-three-river-serpents-go-long