A MAN caught with cannabis for sale alongside an extendable baton in the boot of his car, has been given a chance to stay out of prison.

Police stopped Dean Niles’ Renault Clio on Cuthbert Avenue, Durham, at 12.20pm on April 18, last year.

Durham Crown Court was told 28g of cannabis, worth £280, and the baton were recovered from the car boot.

Chris Baker, prosecuting, said Niles’ home was searched and 1,185 pills of five different class C prescription-type drugs were found, plus a dealer’s list showing previous sale of cannabis with values between £20 and £300.

A cannabis grinder, digital scales, a loaded cross bow and knuckleduster, plus £700 in cash were also recovered.

Niles, 29, of David Terrace, Bowburn, admitted possessing cannabis with intent to supply, having an offensive weapon in public and five counts of simple possession of a class C drug.

Judge Ray Singh imposed a nine-month sentence, suspended for two years, with an electrically-monitored three-month 6pm to 6am home curfew.

Niles must also attend 20 probation-led rehabilitation activity days.

The judge told him: “It’s up to you whether you go to prison or not.

“If you break the curfew and commit any breach, I’ll lock you up for nine months, plus 20 days for the breach.

“You keep your promises and I’ll keep mine.”