A DRUNKEN burglar gave no thought to lockdown restrictions, breaking into two occupied houses while walking home at night, in April, a court heard.

David Hornsby Embleton took household property, some of which has not been recovered, from one house in Stanley, and left the second with the family’s car keys.

Durham Crown Court heard the female householder heard the Volkswagen Polo screech off the drive, lurch into gates, before driving a short way down the street, where Embleton ploughed into a lamppost.

He abandoned the car, which was written-off, but, with the help of a neighbour, was observed running away and hiding.

She pointed him out to police as they arrived at the scene, and Embleton was arrested, launching a foul-mouthed tirade against members of the public and the officers detaining him.

Conor Quinn, prosecuting, said once he calmed down, Embleton was breathalysed and gave a lowest reading showing more than twice the limit for alcohol in his system, for driving.

In custody, commemorative coins stolen from the first house, were found hidden in his socks.

A smart watch was later recovered from his property, while stolen Easter eggs were found in the footwell of the abandoned car, but a lap-top computer was never traced.

Mr Quinn said the victims of the second break-in that night were left car-less, and £1,200 out of pocket, as the Polo had just been repaired and returned to their home.

It was briefly uninsured, as they were going to take out new cover the following day.

Both properties targeted by Embleton, on April 20, in Eden Terrace, Oxhill, and in Spen Street, were not far from the address where he was living.

The court heard the 33-year-old defendant has 60 convictions for 137 offences, including five burglaries, four since the “three-strikes” regulations were introduced.

Embleton, of Engels Terrace, Stanley, admitted two counts of burglary and one each of aggravated vehicle taking and driving with excess alcohol.

Lewis Kerr, mitigating, said the offences were committed opportunistically as Embleton’s inhibitions were lowered by the amount he had drunk that night.

Imposing a three-year prison sentence, Judge Ray Singh said the offences had an “immense impact” and financial loss for the victims.

He banned Embelton from driving for three years and five months.