A WOMAN stabbed her partner after shouting 'I'll f***ing kill you'. during a drink and drug fuelled row.

Neighbours called the police after hearing the violent disturbance as both threatened to 'kill each other' during the prolonged argument.

Paige Cooper admitted stabbing her boyfriend in the face even though he refused to press charges or co-operate with the police investigation.

Chris Morrison, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown Court that neighbours called the police due to the commotion with one saying they 'heard the loudest bang they had ever heard'.

The violent argument erupted after 25-year-old Cooper and her partner had spent they day drinking before returning home and smoking cannabis on April 25.

Mr Morrison said witnesses confirmed that the male was the aggressor towards the end of the argument before it descended into the stabbing.

He said: "The male was heard to say 'you are the one waving a knife, put it in me then' and the female asked 'why?', he said 'you have taken everything off me' and the female shouted 'get off, get out or I'll take it off you and I'll f***ing kill you'."

Another witness told police that he heard the male tell the woman that he would 'kill her' and called 999.

Mr Morrison added: "When they attended the scene they arrested Paige Cooper and they had a look at the victim and noted he was sporting a one-inch puncture wound.

"As a result a knife was recovered and she was arrested."

During police interview she said she couldn't remember the cause of the argument or why she had stabbed her partner.

He added: "She did accept standing directly in front of the man and sticking the knife in; panicking when she saw the blood. It is clear that both parties were under the influence of drink and, it is quite possible, that drugs were taken also."

Cooper, of Esk Road, Darlington, admitted causing actual bodily harm.

In mitigation, Duncan McReddie said his client had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity despite her partner not filing a complaint and urged the judge to pass a suspended sentence."There has been a substantial element of remorse, she has expressed her regret at her actions that day," he added.

"The victim has written a conciliatory letter outlining his approach to the defendant's cases."

Judge Stephen Ashurst jailed mother-of-two Cooper for six months, suspended for two years and ordered her to carry out 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

He said: "It's clear that you picked up a small kitchen knife and threats were being made between the two of you; had you intended to do him very serious harm, you would have been charged with a more serious offence.

"As it happens, you recklessly hit out with the knife and caught him on the chin and caused a small puncture and thankfully you did cause a serious injury."