From Health Secretary Matt Hancock declaring 'Black lives matter' in yesterdays coronavirus press briefing, to MPs voting to return to scrap the current virtual parliament and Mcdonalds reopening, here is a roundup of the key coronavirus news points from the last 24-hours.

  • At the daily government press conference Mr Hancock declared 'Black lives matter' as he addressed the recent report that concluded people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds have a greater chance of catching, and dying, from the virus.
  • Touching on the ongoing protests in the United States, Mr Hancock said: "This is a particularly timely publication, because right across the world, people are angry about racial injustice. And I get that. Black lives matter. And I want to say this to everyone who works in the NHS and in social care: I value the contribution that you make, everybody equally.And I want to say it right across society too. I want to thank you. And I want you to know that our whole country cares about your wellbeing. And I value those who come to our country to work in the NHS and in social care."
  • MPs have now finished voting on the government's proposal for discontinuing the virtual Parliament.
  • 324 deaths were reported throughout the UK today, bringing the total deaths from Covid-19 to 39, 396. A further 13 people have also died in the North-East and North Yorkshire after testing positive for coronavirus.
  • EasyJet confirmed it would resume flights on half its routes by end of July.
  • McDonald's reopened restaurants in Darlington and Newton Aycliffe
  • Physical distancing of at least one metre lowers the risk of coronavirus transmission, but distances of two metres could be more effective, a new study suggests.