A CONSERVATIVE MP resigned from government today amid the Dominic Cummings row as a snap poll found the majority of Brits 'considered' he broke lockdown rules.

Douglas Ross quit his role as Junior Minister as he publicly said he 'could not tell his constituents that they were all wrong' and that Mr Cummings 'was right.'

Meanwhile as the details of Mr Cumming's 260-mile journey to County Durham first emerged at the weekend, a YouGov poll found 68 percent of Brits considered he broke lockdown rules.

The Northern Echo:

Since then, MPs from across the North-East have been publishing their thoughts on whether Mr Cummings was right to make the journey or whether he should in fact resign.

The Northern Echo has put together a round-up of what MPs in County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire have recently said about Mr Cummings.

Conservative MP for Darlington, Peter Gibson:

Mr Gibson said Mr Cummings had the 'confidence' of the Prime Minister and said the press conference with Mr Cummings had 'provided' answers.

He said: "Dominic is a clever man, significant in the Leave campaign, central to our General Election campaign, he is clearly not liked by the media and despised by the left, but he has the confidence of our Prime Minister.

"Some will remain unhappy with Dominic's explanations, but I know that many will appreciate his intention to do the best for his family.

"Few of us can appreciate what it must be like at the centre of Government in the middle of a national crisis, and with a media watch on your front doorstep.

"Amongst many of the template emails received this weekend there are some from people with genuine concern about the behaviour of our press and I share that concern."

Mr Gibson said he looked forward to putting the row behind 'us' and welcomed non-essential retail reopening.

Conservative MP for Stockton South, Matt Vickers:

Mr Vickers said it was right for Mr Cumming's to state 'his side of the argument' and went on to say he did not condone any breaches of lockdown rules.

He said: "I want to make it clear, I cannot condone any breaches of the rules and regulations set down to keep us safe.

"Every individual and family have different circumstances that will affect them, however there are no exceptions to these rules, they must apply equally to us all.

"I have seen first hand the sacrifice that so many people have made to stick to these guidelines, to ensure their own safety, and the safety of others.

"These efforts are what is helping us to contain and defeat this virus.​ Mr Cummings has stated his side of the argument publicly, and I believe it was right for him to do so.

"It is Downing Street and the police that are responsible for making an informed professional decision as to whether he has committed an offence or behaved in a way which means he should be removed from post.​"

Conservative MP for Bishop Auckland, Dehenna Davison:

Ms Davison said if rules had been broken, then appropriate action should be taken.

She said: "The issue of tourists travelling to Teesdale has been prevalent throughout this crisis, and is one I have raised with local police and with Home Secretary.

"I sincerely hope that reports that Dominic Cummings travelled to tourist spots in Barnard Castle are not true, as I know my constituents would expect those with power to follow the same guidelines and make the same sacrifices we have all had to make during this difficult time.

"It's clear that there is much speculation over what Dominic Cummings did and didn't do. I won't be commenting further until we have all the facts (and hopefully today's press conference will help) but if rules have been broken, appropriate action should be taken."

Conservative MP for Sedgefield, Paul Howell:

Mr Howell said he 'understood' why Mr Cummings had made his decision but admitted he wouldn't have taken the same decision.

He said: "I, like everyone else, now have more information. Having listened to Mr Cummings give his explanation of events I can understand why he took the decisions he did.

"I don’t think I would have taken the same decisions in the same circumstances but given his peculiar circumstances and the level of media aggression he is subjected to I can understand his decision to try to find a safe place for his family.

Labour MP for Durham City, Mary Foy:

Ms Foy said, while she 'sympathises' with parents needing to look after their children, she described some of Mr Cumming's claims as "ridiculous."

She said: "I was prepared to let Dominic Cummings say his piece before I commented, and I have every sympathy with any parent trying to look after their child during this crisis, but I have to say, that was a farce.

"It was incoherent, illogical and unapologetic. He appears to have returned to work while his wife was showing symptoms.

"He went to Barnard Castle when he should have been staying at home. The idea of driving 30 miles to check your eyesight is ridiculous. That the Prime Minister allows this circus to continue is shameful.

"Right now the Government should be building trust and providing clarity, instead they're laughing at us."

Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West, Sharon Hodgson:

Ms Hodgson tweeted that: "There cannot be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the British people."

Labour MP for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham:

In a series of tweets, Mr Cunningham said Conservative MPs and Ministers should "shut up" and stop defending Mr Cummings.

He said: "Tory MPs and Ministers should, instead of defending the indefensible, should simply shut up. They've lost public confidence on the Cummings thing and to stand with him can only do them more damage

"Is there anyone else out there who would put their child at risk by putting them in a car and then drive 30 miles to test if your dodgy eyesight was good enough to head for London."

Conservative MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Simon Clarke said:

Mr Clarke said Mr Cumming's latest statement had "clarified" the situation.

He said: "I think this afternoon's statement from Dominic Cummings was very helpful. I wish it had taken place 48 hours ago and we could have avoided a lot of needless upset and concern.

"I want to be very clear from the outset: I believe people should follow the rules of the lockdown. They are for our collective benefit at a time of crisis, and I recognise the immense sacrifice and stress they have imposed on all of us, and all our families. However, I also believe Dominic's statement today clarifies the situation."

Conservative MP for Redcar, Jacob Young:

Mr Young said Mr Cummings had acted within 'the guidance' of lockdown rules, and said "we should move on."

He said: "I believe he has acted within the guidance. Were I in his position, I don’t think I would’ve made the same decisions, but he has clearly done so in the interests of his family and those around him.

"I wish he‘d provided this account on Friday, as it would have saved a lot of confusion and incorrect reports over the weekend, however I believe that this statement draws a line under it and we should move on.

"Over the course of this lockdown, we‘ve all had to change our daily behaviour for the good of our family and for the wider public. Each of us have had to make sacrifices and I completely understand the frustrations raised by many.

"Many of you will know my Grandad passed away towards the end of April, and I’ve struggled to deal with not being able to see my close family members and grieve in the way anyone normally would.

"It has been an incredibly difficult time for many of us and it will continue to be so. However, we won't get past this crisis by dwelling on one man's actions. We should now draw a line under this episode and move forward."

Labour MP for Middlesbrough, Andy McDonald:

Mr McDonald tweeted: "It’s one rule for Boris Johnson’s closest adviser, another for everybody else."

Labour MP for Hartlepool, Mike Hill:

Mr Hill said remained highly critical of the PM's response to the row and said it demonstrated a "shocking" lack of leadership.

He said: "The Prime Ministers response today to the Dominic Cummings situation demonstrated a shocking lack of leadership. People have suffered, folk have died, families have been kept apart by keeping to rules wilfully broken by the PM’s own Chief Adviser."

Conservative MP for Richmondshire, Rishi Sunak:

Mr Sunak said he was "motivated" by trying to protect his son and family.

He said: "Dominic Cummings has made clear he was motivated by trying to protect his son and he took steps to be safe.

"I understand people had serious questions about his actions - indeed many of you have made huge sacrifices - but I do believe today he explained himself."