A MAGICIAN used to wowing audiences around the world but grounded because of the coronavirus has pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

At the start of the year, Chris Cross, from Newcastle, was performing his magic and escapology show at the world's largest shopping mall in Dubai and this summer he was set to do close-up magic at celebrity weddings and perform his stage shows at Glastonbury Music Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

But due to the pandemic all his work has disappeared and he has been hit financially so came up with a virtual way of working and earning.

He is now teaching tricks, performing shows and being hired for birthdays, family and friend gatherings and by companies online via Zoom.

He said: ''Performing my online shows is nowhere near the same feeling as having a real live audience and performing in a beautiful theatre or in a large tent at a festival, but it's better than nothing and it's keeping my head above water.

"Not only are these shows keeping me sane, but they're also bringing a lot of fun and happiness to people."

For details visit chris-cross.co.uk