BREATHTAKING views from Hadrian’s Wall may no longer be accessible due to the lockdown but one nature lover has decided to bring the wall to the people.

Ian Jackson, a retired science advisor, who lives in the Bardon Mill area, has been enthralling wildlife lovers during lockdown with his virtual tours of Hadrian’s Wall and other parts of the north of England via YouTube.

The Northern Echo:

Mr Jackson, who leads natural history walks in the north of England, has combined his lifelong interest in the wall with a desire to help people during the lockdown affected by the ban on hiking, by creating the virtual wall tour.

The videos intend to capture the very best sites the wall and surrounding landscapes have to offer, following the military road left by the Romans.

Mr Jackson hopes that once people are out of lockdown, they should visit the wall to experience its outstanding natural landscape but, in the meantime, sit back, visit and experience the true wonderment of this world heritage site.

The Northern Echo: