NEIGHBOURS in Durham have become a viral internet hit after creating a 'fence bar' in their back garden.

Paul Hurton and Anthony Dunn have lived next door to each other in Bowburn for around 20-years and have been missing socialising together since the coronavirus lockdown began.

So they came up with a genius idea to turn their 6ft tall fence panel into a horizontal table, thus enabling them to enjoy a beer together whilst still adhering to social distancing rules.

The video they have shared of their 'fence bar' has been viewed more than 800,000 times on facebook this weekend.

Mr Hurton, 51, said: "Since the lockdown we still go out and sit in our gardens having a drink.

"Last weekend we were both sat out there but obviously we couldn't see each other and we couldn't really talk.

"We'd seen something on Youtube where someone had done the table in Australia but they only used half their fence attached  to chains, but obviously we wanted to make sure we were further away from each other."

Mr Hurton, who is on furlough from his job as a team leader, said the table was created using six bolts and its 6ft length means the neighbours can enjoy a drink together from a safe distance.

He added: "It's great, we were out there til 11pm last night."

Mr Hurton said he was surprised that the video has become a viral internet hit, saying: "It's had over 800,000 views, we just thought we would put it out there for our families."