AN MP has defended criticism from political opponents over a video she says was created as light-hearted content.

Concerns were raised after Bishop Auckland MP, Dehenna Davison, posted a video on popular social media app, TikTok.

In the video she mimes to the “Bored in the House” Tik Tok rap which contains swearing.

Critics of the MP said the video was inappropriate and disrespectful to key workers and people who have lost their lives because of coronavirus.

A spokesperson from the Bishop Auckland Constituency Labour Party said: "We have no issue with an MP having fun and having a life, but in this time of national crisis, it is hardly appropriate that our new MP considers herself bored. Our members are working tirelessly in the NHS, as key workers and as volunteers. They don't have time to be "Mother F***ing bored". Given that her predecessor has had to respond to casework issues not dealt with by the current MP, we would suggest that Ms Davison fills some of her leisure time helping her constituents."

Responding, Ms Davison said: “This was nothing more than adding to light-hearted content being produced by millions to stay positive during this lockdown. It was made in an evening after finishing my duties as an MP. I continue to work tirelessly on behalf of my constituents.

“We should be celebrating the actions of 3.5 million people staying safe during lockdown rather than belittling them for keeping themselves and others entertained whilst following government guidance to stay home, protect our NHS and save lives.This is a time when we should be coming together to build on what we have done so far, from helping countless members of our community with food deliveries and access to medicine, to getting people back home after being stranded abroad. Only together can we overcome this virus."

The MP has since removed the video from social media.