A FISH and chip shop and two service stations are among the businesses in and around the Bishop Auckland and Crook area that have been told to improve on their food safety and hygiene practices.

Out of scores of businesses inspected by Durham County Council food safety inspectors, thirteen have been indentified as requiring some form of improvement.

Across the UK, food outlets including convenience stores, restaurants,  pubs, takeaways, hospitals and care homes are ranked by hygiene and safety, structural compliance and confidence in management.

Food hygiene ratings

0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary
1 - Major Improvement Necessary
2 - Some Improvement Necessary
3 - Hygiene Standards Generally Satisfactory
4 - Hygiene Standards Good
5 - Hygiene Standards Very Good

We've rounded up the Bishop Auckland and Crook food outlets that the Food Standards Agency have asked clean up their act.

Source: Food Standards Agency - all ratings correct and valid at time of publication on Sunday, March 29

Businesses with a 0 rating - Urgent Improvement Necessary 

Manor Road Convenience Store, St Helen Auckland - inspected February 2020

Businesses with a 1 rating - Major Improvement Necessary

King's Cafe, Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland - inspected April 2019

Pizza Time, High Street, Willington - inspected February 2020

The Cod Fry, Crook - inspected October 2019

Businesses with a 2 rating - Some Improvement Necessary 

Carmelinos, Hope Street, Crook - inspected January 2020

Cockton Hill WMC, Bishop Auckland - inspected April 2019

Crook Off Licence and Mini Market, Crook - inspected January 2020

Low Fuel Prices Always, Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland - inspected June 2019

Low Fuel Prices Always, Binchester Service Station, Binchester - inspected April 2019

Maan Brothers, Willington - inspected October 2018

Nikesh Ramesh Ltd, Crook - inspected December 2019

Sorento Takeaway, St Helen Auckland - inspected October 2019

Stanhope Supermarket Plc, Stanhope - inspected November 2018


*The Northern Echo can clarify that Kings Balti in Bishop Auckland has recieved a four* rating as of February 2020.