TWIN girls enjoying an art lesson with their mum took the opportunity to make posters in support of NHS and supermarket workers to show their appreciation.

Phoebe and Freya Christon, seven, from Thornton, near Middlesbrough, decided to create brightly-coloured posters to hang on their garden gate to cheer up passers-by.

Mum Vicky Christon said: "We were just doing an art lesson as part of our home-schooling, and I suggested we thank the NHS for everything they are doing to help us.

"That turned into an explanation about the NHS and what it is. I have been talking to them about what is going on – it has been difficult for them leaving school and all of their friends but they care very much about what is happening.

"We also have good friends working for local supermarkets, so they made a poster thanking them too – they may get different ideas of people to make posters for as the weeks go on!"

Mrs Christon added: "The posters on the gate have made lots of people smile and wave at us already. It is nice to think we can cheer people up."