HOT meals are being provided for vulnerable older people by two Richmondshire businesses which have teamed up Age UK North Yorkshire and Darlington.

The White Swan at Gilling West and Thorpe Farm at Greta Bridge is working with Age UK's Cafe Refresh to deliver food to those most affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

By delivering a nutritionally balanced two-course hot meal to the most vulnerable older people in the community for a minimal cost of only £5, the charity is aiming to ensure that they continue to get good nutrition during the current social distancing measures.

White Swan proprietor, Dean Hodgson and Thorpe Farm proprietor Paul Barkes, contacted the charity to offer the use of their kitchens to prepare meals and to allow the service to expand into Richmond and the surrounding area. The service started on Monday, March 23 and will run seven days a week. If you are over 50 and have been told that you need to self-isolate or are a friend or family member you can book meals by calling 01325-741492 by 11am on the day needed or emailing

Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington chief executive Helen Hunter said: “We’re pleased to be working alongside the White Swan at Gilling West and Thorpe Farm to provide a two-course, nutritionally balanced hot meal delivery service into Richmond and surrounding area, in addition to deliveries from our café in Darlington. We hope to partner with other local food outlets to allow us to roll this out to other areas in North Yorkshire.”

Donations can be made by calling 01325-362832 or