AN MP who put herself in self-isolation after developing coronavirus-like symptoms has returned to the constituency.

Bishop Auckland MP, Dehenna Davison, was advised to self-isolate last week as a precautionary measure.

Her self-isolation meant that last weekend’s constituency engagements were cancelled.

In a statement posted on Facebook on Thursday night the MP said: I’ve just finally got back to High Etherley after a much longer London stay than expected!

"It’s so good to be home. I’d almost forgotten how quiet it is, and how much less light pollution we have – meaning you can see so many stars. Such a relief after a week of self-isolation.

“Given the school closures starting today, many of you have asked who will qualify as key workers.

“Key workers are those providing vital national services, and whose children will still be able to attend school after today.

"There is some guidance available and I believe a more formal list will be published tomorrow but will update you as soon as possible."