FILMING for a new Redcar sitcom about the legal profession, which features cast and crew from the town, commenced this week.

Briefs is the brainchild of Teresa Taylor, who was born and bred in the town and is a qualified barrister.

The series is set in and around a solicitor's office in Redcar, as well as other beauty spots on the coast.

On Tuesday cast and crew were shooting in the South Gare, scenes which encapsulated the best of the town's landscape and seaside areas.

Diana Brookes, director of the show who is from York, said: "It's going really well.

"We're currently shooting episode four, this scene is a driving lesson... which goes very wrong.

"It's been fabulous, I love it. It's just been fab. This place is so beautiful."

The programme is being created by Runestone Pictures based in North Yorkshire, which was founded in 2014 by Diana.

On Tuesday Briefs was in its third day of filming - having shot scenes already at solicitors Richard J Knaggs & Co. based in Redcar on weekends, as the firm is still in operation during weekdays.

Teresa, as well as being the writer and producer, also has a part in the show.

She said: "It's been going absolutely super. Everything's gone to plan, we're on day three. We're filming episode four at the moment - the reason for that is that we're taking scenes from other episodes and taking the scenes to make the trailer."

Local band No Time For Reason from Newcastle have provided an opening theme tune for the series.

Teresa, who now lives in Osmotherley in North Yorkshire, said: "We wanted strong visuals from Redcar, we wanted to show the body of it and wanted to make sure we get the opportunity to show why we've chosen this area. Everything is going great.

"The team we have is amazing."

All of the characters have their own storylines that run and intertwine throughout the series.

Cast and crew members include Rob Kirtley who plays Gordon Turton-Swallows, Billy Doherty who is best known for appearing in Coronation Street as Mark Thackeray, Andy Power Tate and Alexandra De Villeay.

Ben Smith who is director of photography as well as a North-East based crew.

Goldfish, Herbie, also has a starring role in the series.

David French, a solicitor from Richard J Knaggs & Co. managed to bag his first filming role, by appearing as an extra on Tuesday for one of the episodes.

David said: "Teresa said to me would you like a part. My part was as an artist painting. It's a first, I was a little nervous about it. The sitcom is great for the area."

David in real life is a fine art painter.

Teresa, who has two children, said: "We've already started editing as we go along. Hopefully we'll be finishing by the end of March and start pulling it together in April and see who's interested.

"This has been in the making for 10 years."

The sitcom is Teresa's first TV script after working in law for several years.

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