A COUNCIL leader who produced a so-called “victory video” ahead of a debate and decision on a borough-wide development blueprint has confirmed that no alternative version was made.

Darlington Borough Council leader Councillor Heather Scott said following complaints being raised about whether she had pre-determined whether to push the authority’s Local Plan forward she had stated two statements, rather than two videos, had been prepared in advance of the decision.

The video featuring Cllr Scott was posted on social media shortly after the decision at a full council meeting last month.

Cllr Scott said she had a copy of the alternative statement, but until an inquiry into complaints that had been lodged with the council had concluded, she was unable to comment further.

A council spokesman said the inquiry was ongoing.

One of the residents who have complained over the video said he intended to pursue this matter, initially through the council’s complaints system.

He added: “For the record I voted for this Conservative council. What this town does not need is a council that cannot be trusted.”