THREE towns and cities in the North-East have been named among the least expensive places to flatshare, with the average cost of renting a single room around the £340 mark in the region.

Darlington, Sunderland and South Shields are among Britain's cheapest places to rent a room, according to figures published this week by SpareRoom.

Flatsharing, which usually involves two or more people living in the same house or flat, often sees residents having exclusive access to a bedroom while sharing the communual facilities.

It has become increasingly popular among students, young professionals and even couples according to SpareRoom, which has sourced the figures from almost 250,000 room listings posted in 2019.

The study, which has identified the most expensive and the cheapest places to rent across the country, revealed Sunderland was the fourth cheapest with average flatshare prices at £335 per month.

Those choosing to rent a room in South Shields, rated the eight cheapest place to flatshare, were paying on average £339 per month.

Meanwhile in Darlington, which was rated the tenth cheapest place to roomshare in Britain, residents were faced with a monthly cost of £347 for a single room.

In contrast, SpareRoom found that people living in Jersey, found to be Britain's most expensive place to flatshare outside of London, on average paid around £784 for one room.