A TEN-year-old boy has launched an appeal to find the kind-hearted person who stepped in and paid for his shopping after a pre-paid debit card failed.

Danny Campbell was in Aldi in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, when he tried to buy flowers for his grandmother's birthday and sweets for his brother and sister.

But after trying to use his pre-paid debit card, which is usually loaded with pocket money, it became clear there was something wrong.

His parents, Lisa and Chad Campbell of Poppy Drive, opposite the supermarket, told The Northern Echo that Danny had been with his brother, Ollie at the time.

The Northern Echo:

Mrs Campbell said: “Danny had tried to pay and it didn’t work, he tried it six or seven times and the cashier tried to do it, but it wouldn’t work."

The pair had been given a pre-paid debit card each, which allows parents to electronically load a certain amount of money at any time.

Ollie's pre-paid card had already been used on an earlier purchase for his sister, meaning Danny was faced with no choice but to return home.

The Northern Echo:

However, a man described to be in his 40s and wearing a high-visibility jacket jumped in and offered to cough up for the £5.13 bill.

Mrs Campbell said: "Danny had said ‘I am going to have to leave it,’ but then a guy came from a couple of people behind in the queue and said he’d pay.

“It was just so lovely, Danny came home and he was really grateful, everyone has said its so lovely, its nice seeing nice people around.

The Northern Echo: The ALDI customer jumped in and offered to payThe ALDI customer jumped in and offered to pay

"Danny had lost his pre-paid card, so we ordered another one but I hadn't realised it needed to be activated."

She added: "We’d just like to find the person to say thank you.”

But finding the mystery man may not take as long as first thought, as Mrs Campbell believes the man could be working on a nearby building site.

She said: “Where we live they are building a development behind us so there's lots of workmen there. I am guessing it could be someone from there."

Mr Campbell added: "I just hope the gent gets the recognition he deserves."

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