RESIDENTS have expressed their frustration at parents "inconsiderate" parking, rule breaking and even antisocial behaviour outside local primary schools.

Speaking to the Northern Echo, residents on Ingleby Moor Crescent, opposite Firthmoor Primary School, described their everyday experience of dealing with parents parking during school opening and pick up as "a nightmare".

Nyrnn Reynolds, who has lived on the road for over 3 years with her husband Michael, said: "We've had white lines put outside our house by the council, but it hasn't deterred parents from parking there, and still leaves us blocked in regularly.

"They even park on our private driveway at the side of the house, which means even if we're lucky enough to get onto our drive we can't park there. It's just very inconsiderate."

Ms Reynolds said that on the days which she finishes near 3pm, she will purposely wait an hour before returning home, for fear that she might not be able to get onto her driveway.

"Parking enforcement wardens would have to patrol the streets in plain clothing everyday to catch parents parking illegally, because as soon as parents see them outside the school they won't step out of line," she said.

"I have various health problems including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma - so if I suddenly had a asthma attack and someone was parked over the drive, I wouldn't be able to get out which is a scary thought,"

For the Reynolds, the problems have escalated beyond inconsiderate parking, after their daughter informed them she had watched a mother park, and let her child out of the car to urinate on the couple's driveway.

"We couldn't believe it," said Mr Reynolds, "it's disgusting, and it took the disrespect to another level, especially when there are toilets in the school across the road."

Another resident on Ingleby Moor Cres, who has lived on the road for two years, said: "If they can't find a place on the road they just park on the grass, which ruins it completely, or they park on the path - forcing me to walk onto the busy road with my youngest in the pram.

"When the enforcement officers are about, parents see their car and suddenly behave or hide, so wardens need to be out more regularly."

Some residents surrounding Mowden Junior School on Conyers Avenue said they have also experienced parents ignoring the white lines outside houses.

One 60-year-old resident on Conyers Avenue said: "once upon a time most of the children attending the school came from nearby, and so they would walk. Now, many parents have to drive because they come from further afield and that's why there's been such a increase in cars in recent years which I know neighbours have found problematic."

After multiple reports from residents of parents routinely ignoring road markings and warning signs, mounting kerbs and blocking roads and driveway around schools during pick up and drop off times, Darlington Borough Council have planned to introduce a new £7000 multi pronged scheme to tackle the issue. Measures are said to include: increased patrols outside schools by police and the council’s expanded civic enforcement team, and a new potential scheme which could also see some smaller streets near schools closed for 20 minutes during drop-off and pick-up times to tackle congestion.

Graham Hall, the council’s head of community safety described the new scheme, which will be trailed at at several schools where parents’ parking has been particularly problematic, including outside Corporation Road, Polam Hall, Firthmoor, Mowden and Hummersknott schools, as "exciting".

"It’s about parking responsibly, taking the necessary precautions, walking to schools where possible, advice and enforcement," said Mr Hall. "So we will have a package of tools. If this works we will then extend this across the whole borough."