THE average person in the region could eat almost 7,000 chocolate bars, 2,200 slices of chocolate cake and more than 10,000 chocolate biscuits in their lifetime, a survey suggests.

Research led by the British Heart Foundation reveals that over the course of their lifetime, people in the North-East could also consume around 2,560 mugs of hot chocolate, 120 Easter eggs and 3,000 miniature chocolates.

The striking figures have been released ahead of the charity's annual campaign to get the region's chocolate lovers to go cocoa-free for a month on Sunday, March 1.

The Northern Echo:

Jo Pullin, Dechox Campaign Manager at the British Heart Foundation, said: “We know that chocolate isn’t an essential part of a healthy diet but is a much-loved indulgence in the UK.

“Whether it’s in cakes, biscuits, a tasty dessert or a chocolate bar, there are so many options available it’s easy to lose track of how much chocolate we’re consuming.

“It can be difficult to break our chocolate habits but Dechox is the perfect way to help cut your chocolate cravings whilst raising money for a good cause.”

As part of the study, researchers found that almost half of those asked claimed chocolate is their favourite food, while 41 percent agreed to being 'chocoholics.'

The Northern Echo:

Ms Pullin added: “We know we’re a nation of chocolate lovers and that’s why we’re calling on the nation to put their will power to the test this March for a fantastic cause.

“Anything with cocoa in it is off limits – from the sprinkles on your cappuccino, to that 3pm chocolate bar. We know the people the people of the North East are up to the challenge.

“It might be a rocky road but Dechox is a great way to help curb your chocolate cravings and fund the British Heart Foundation’s vital research into heart and circulatory conditions, which around 370,000 people are living with in the North-East.”