A HOTEL guest ran amok on a drunken rampage, causing damage to fixtures and fittings, threatening staff and upsetting other customers, a court heard.

Such was Liam Boyle’s aggression that the night porter and duty manager locked themselves into an office at the Hardwick Hall Hotel, in Sedgefield, as they waited for police, at 2.30am on Sunday January 18.

Durham Crown Court was told when officers arrived, Boyle threw bottles and glasses into the car park and threatened to “bomb” the police, trying to set light to a bottle of alcohol.

Shaun Dryden, prosecuting, said an inspector decided not to enter initially in the hope Boyle would calm down and a stand-off “siege” type situation developed.

The Northern Echo: The boarded up windows at Hardwick Hall Hotel.The boarded up windows at Hardwick Hall Hotel.

But as the bombardment continued, officers forced their way into the hotel, wearing protective helmets and carrying riot shields, before arresting Boyle.

When interviewed, he made no reply, but, appearing before magistrates two days later, the 33-year-old defendant, of Eastgarth, Newcastle, admitted affray, criminal damage and common assault.

Mr Dryden said the charges arose from an overnight stay by Boyle with his partner on January 17/18.

Another guest, who initially befriended them, described Boyle taking cocaine in his hotel bedroom, but the defendant claimed he had not taken drugs, although he admitted having drunk heavily.

Mr Dryden said Boyle argued with his partner in the car park and the other guest said he was assaulted by him in the bar.

Boyle then went to his room, where he continued to row with his partner, causing other customers to complain about the noise.

The night porter twice went to the room to ask them to quieten down, but having seen blood on the head of Boyle’s partner he decided to call for the police.

Boyle followed him to reception where the phone was thrown to the ground.

The porter tried to confront him and was punched in the side of the face, causing bruising and swelling.

Boyle began smashing windows and a mirror, causing the porter and a duty manager to retreat into their locked office awaiting the arrival of police to eventually resolve the incident.

Mr Dryden said the hotel closed for the rest of the day as a clear up took place and other guests were reimbursed.

In a statement, hotel manager Jonathan Gwyn-Hill said repairs alone cost £11,117.91, while there was a loss of £9,933 due to the temporary closure, causing a shortfall in takings.

The court was told the defendant has 41 convictions for 83 offences, including threatening behaviour and violence.

Mark Styles, for Boyle, handed letters to the court from the defendant and his partner, and said: “There’s a clear contrition and he’s ashamed of the way he conducted himself.

“He had drunk heavily and things got out of hand.

“He’s desperately apologetic, but clearly that will be little comfort to those affected.”

Jailing him for 18 months, Judge James Adkin told Boyle: “You had been drinking heavily and the way you behaved thereafter was so bizarre and aggressive.

“You went on a drunken rampage and were completely out of control.”