A WOMAN whose life has revolved around farming has celebrated her 100th birthday.

Hilda Addison's father, a farmer at Potto Hill Farm, Swainby, only had daughters so Ms Addison and her sisters were given work traditionally associated with men.

Billy Addison, Ms Addison’s son, said: “She had to work as soon as she could and learned how to drive a pony and trap from an early age.”

He added: “My mother saved coupons up from The Northern Echo in order to get herself the ‘Nig Nog’ camera. She was very proud to be a member of the ‘Nig Nog’ club and the camera they gave her was amazing.

"It allowed her to record daily life on the farm at Potto Hill, such as a picture of her shovelling snow from the road. Without the camera from The Northern Echo this would not have been possible."

Ms Addison’s father was a member of of the horse guards and was subsequently wounded in the Battle of the Somme in the First World War.

Mr Addison added: “She married in 1942 and had four children. Her Husband Allen was an agricultural contractor at Preston’s of Potto, but he ended up leaving this role.

“After that they started a family business run by Hilda which started with agricultural contracting in early 1950s, thrashing at the local farms.”

In 1964 the family bought a JCB 3C and in 1969 bought a trenching machine to carry out land drainage. In 1972 a trencher built by Barth, a Dutch firm was also purchased which saw the family business expand.

Mr Addison said: “It was my mother's job to prepare estimates, invoices and ordering materials.”

Ms Addison has lived in Hutton Rudby since 1994 after moving there when she retired with her husband, who sadly died in 2010.