WITH a majority leave vote of 69.57 per-cent during the EU referendum, there’s no doubt over the wishes of the majority of Hartlepool residents, however, you can still find some staunch Remainers.

We asked people in Hartlepool their thoughts on Brexit and whether it should be celebrated.

Jonathan Dunn, 59 from Hartlepool said: “I’m worried we’re going to become like America. They have to pay for the prescriptions, even when people are on the dole and benefits, and they can’t really afford it, that’s what I’m worried about, if that’s going to happen to us or not.

The Northern Echo:

“Are they going to stop the NHS? Are we going to stay the same? At the minute I get free dental care because I’m on the dole and is that going to stop? That’s all I’m really worried about.”

When asked if Brexit should be celebrated, he said: “We can only see how it goes, it’s going to cost us billions to get out of there, that’s what I know. Why should we pay billions when we won the war twice and gave Europe their countries back?”

Ian Millican, 70, from Hartlepool said: “I’m over the moon. When it’s done they should turn around and put those who put us into Europe in jail, that’s what I think about it.

The Northern Echo:

"Think about how many millions of people died to keep this country free, and the Germans never fired a bullet and they’re running the place.”

Julie Longley, from Hartlepool, said: “I am a Remainer, and I voted to stay because I listened to what the money expert Martin Lewis had to say about its effects on the economy and that really frightened me, especially the potential higher food prices.

The Northern Echo:

"I feel like we need someone who has their wits about them to guide us through Brexit and I don’t believe that we have that in parliament.”

John Hutchinson, from Stockton, said: “I voted to remain, but most of my family voted to leave. Although I think we would be better to remain united in the EU, if it is going to happen I think Boris Johnson needs to make sure it is done right.

The Northern Echo:

“I do like the idea of our country being more self-sustained by using local industry rather than imports, which I think is imperative if we do leave.”

Marlene Jakubiec, from Hartlepool, said: “I voted to leave, and I think we should celebrate Brexit Day. I would like the church bells to ring out all across the country.

“The whole process has taken too long already though, we should have left within the first six months.

“I think we will probably have a period of difficultly at first, but we’ll get there in the end and be better for it.”

Lynn Robson, from Hartlepool, said: “I voted to leave, and I haven’t changed my opinion. I don’t like Boris Johnson, I think he is rubbish if I’m honest.

The Northern Echo:

"I have no idea whether we will actually leave on January 31, but I think Boris still has more of a chance of seeing it through than Corbyn would have.”