A BREXIT Party MEP has described today as one of the 'happiest days' of his life as Britain leaves the European Union.

North-East MEP John Tennant told The Northern Echo that his years of work to defend Brexit had paid off.

He said: “It’s probably the happiest day of my life, it’s been years of hard work that actually has meant something – it means I haven’t wasted my time."

Mr Tennant, who is a councillor for Hartlepool's Jesmond Ward, said it had been a 'remarkable few days' as both Pro-EU and Pro-Brexit members had wished him and his colleagues the best of luck.

Describing January 31 as a shock to the system, he said: "All my adult life has been fighting for what's happening this week – for me it's a shock to the system but in a good way.

"I would say that it’s a bit like if Hartlepool FC defeated Manchester United in the FA Cup, it’s that kind of shock – nobody actually thought it would happen."

Beyond Brexit, the UK's MEPs will cease their duties within the European Union meaning vacant MEP positions will be filled by MEPs from the EU's remaining 27 countries.

Mr Tennant said he would not be making any snap decisions over his future, but said he would take a couple of weeks to have a breather.

He said: "I am still a councillor, I am not making any snap decisions yet, I am probably going to spend a couple of weeks to sit down and have a breather."