A FILM director and mother-of-three’s decision to turn down the chance to work on the latest James Bond movie has been rewarded.

Laura Hepburn, of Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, has been named in the Northern Power Women’s Future List for 2020 in her role as director of Greenology in Saltburn.

The entrepreneur has seen off the challenge of thousands of nominations to be recognised for being an influencer and change maker who is already making a significant impact to the environment and communities.

Ms Hepburn began looking into the plastic problem ten years ago while studying a Masters degree in future design at Teesside University.

But to fund her dream of setting up a company to turn plastic waste into energy, she also spent time last year as a director on Game of Thrones, Gentleman Jack and Danny Boyle’s Yesterday.

She said: “I had no idea I had been nominated until the email came through, and after such a tough year it was so much sweeter for my team who have worked so hard to make a dream a reality.

“So to be recognised, makes myself and my team push even harder, to do what is right, it’s what the North and world needs right now.”

Ms Hepburn said it was while she worked with the Happy Egg company she started to think about how they dealt with waste.

She said: “The Ministry of Defence have used a process called pyrolysis for many years, which turns plastics into energy by heating it without oxygen so it can be returned to its previous state, such as a fuel or oil.

“It is not only dealing with problem plastics, but also creating an energy source. It is a fantastic solution for lots of businesses.”

Ms Hepburn, who has worked as a director on high profile shows and films, made the difficult decision to turn down work on the new James Bond film last summer because Greenology was still a fledgling business – but clearly her decision paid off.

Ms Hepburn will receive her award at a star-studded event held in Manchester on March 16.

She added: “This will give such a fantastic platform to showcase the talent and opportunities we have here in the North – the place I’m so passionate about.

“I am so thankful for the support and recognition the Northern Power Women have offered myself and other women wanting to just do our job – I’m also passionate about women helping women.”

She said it had been a tough first year for the business, facing scepticism from some about her chances of success.

And she added: “I’m so thankful to my team for having the same belief as me in what we are doing.

"I think it is a fantastic opportunity for the area for skilled people to move into green industry.”

Now she has secured funding to create a plant in Teesside which will provide more than 20 new jobs.

World-leading technology at the new plant will turn problem plastics that can’t be recycled into power with zero emissions and Greenology wants to help other businesses to become self-sufficient and join the full circle economy.