ONE of our most commented stories in the last seven days has been the design of a new sculpture on a roundabout near Bishop Auckland. Here’s a selection of the views posted at

Wrong location: at peak times, you take everyone’s life in your hands if you are not driving a supercharged V8 when you come up from Parkhead and try to go straight on in the nearside lane. The combination of uphill slope, curvature, and not being able to see what’s coming down from the opposite side until it’s on top of you...don’t need a 30-foot sculpture adding to that mix, thanks very much. Unless I’m thinking of a different roundabout.

Wrong message: Enough looking backwards to coal mining and the steel industry – what are we going to do about a sustainable future? Planting to support pollinators and birds would be relevant and appropriate, maybe with a solar collector and a small tasteful water tower energy storage “sculpture” unit to help power the sign lights renewably and promote cleaner technology.

Wrong visual aesthetic: my first visual impression of the proposed sculpture does not make me think enthusiastically about the town in any way. It’s a mish-mash of metal shapes.


FOR goodness sake. Scatter wildflower seeds and let them bloom, they cost nothing, and feed the wildlife, they don’t interfere with visibility for drivers, help the ecology and will be appreciated by more people. Meanwhile this man-made structure will cost thousands to construct, isn’t appreciated by the masses and in this prognosis of climate change – who’s going to be around long to “appreciate” this pretentious bit of manufactured “art”.


The Northern Echo:

I WOULD far rather see CCTV cameras installed to stop the crime blitz and jail the thieves who it seems are busy most nights in and around Bishop Auckland.


MAYBE they should actually speak to residents living in Canney Hill to see their views at trying to cross the roundabout; or the families of those who have had accidents on the A689; or the people who would benefit from the money being spent on something worthy like Bishop Auckland Hospital; or the families that were helping organisations like Feeding Families over Christmas to ensure they had food on their table on Christmas Day.


AS a local resident I also don’t think that this high speed and confusing roundabout is an appropriate location for any such distraction.


I LIKE the idea....but the “mock up” doesn’t look great. Far too big and maybe something in colour with flowers etc so it would blend in with its surroundings? It’s a bit “steel industry” looking, it should be more rural. Also, I’m not sure how much this structure is going to cost, but hopefully not that much that the money could have been put to good use elsewhere?


I TOTALLY agree that a 30ft metal structure would be a very dangerous distraction on this rather small and busy roundabout – where I’ve seen quite a few collisions.

Bishy Chrissy