A YOUNG mother who left her young son home alone while she went out boozing with a friend was branded 'selfish' by a judge.

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was only caught when her mother's boyfriend spotted her leaving her Stockton home knowing that there was no-one babysitting the little boy.

Judge Stephen Ashurst told the woman that she was lucky that her 'stupid decision' hadn't resulted in the child suffering serious harm.

Teesside Crown Court heard how she headed out to Lloyds bar, central Middlesbrough, after being unable persuade her mother or a friend to look after her son.

Jenny Haigh, prosecuting, said that when a friend suggested on text message she stay at home and have a drink instead, she replied: "Because I can't be arsed drinking in the house LMAO."

Her angry mother called the police and told them that her daughter was out on the town drinking. She was arrested less than an hour after going out on October 26.

Miss Haigh said when she was interviewed by police she told them she was angry that no-one would look after her son and just wanted some 'attention'.

Paul Abrahams, mitigating, said the young mother had four children to four different fathers after a series of one-night-stands.

He urged the judge to suspend the sentence as his client has suffered enough with the authorities taking over the care of her children.

The mother pleaded guilty to a single charge of child neglect when she appeared before magistrates last year.

Sentencing the defendant to eight months in custody, suspended for two years, the judge told her she had made a 'selfish' and 'stupid mistake'.

"It's clear you're a very immature young woman and act in an immature and impulsive way," said Judge Ashurst.

"The father of each of your four children have had encounters with the criminal court and have offered little support to you."

He added: "On the night in question you put your own interests first, anyone in their right mind wouldn't dream of leaving their young son tucked up in bed, then going out drinking.

"In the end the child came to no harm, which came as an enormous relief to all concerned, but that was nothing to do with you."