FIVE of the region’s newest Conservative MPs set off for London today as they prepare to vote on Bois Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Redcar’s Jacob Young, Dehenna Davison representing Bishop Auckland, Darlington MP Peter Gibson, Sedgefield’s MP Paul Howells and Matt Vickers, the new MP for Stockton South, boarded a train from Darlington and tomorrow will be among the 109 newly-elected MPs who will be greeted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson will use his majority of 80 to get his Withdrawal Agreement Bill (Wab) to implement Brexit approved so the UK can formally leave the EU by the end of January.

Darlington MP Mr Gibson said: “It is all very exciting. The new Tees Valley MPs are all heading off. I have been into Duke Street and registered with a number of estate agents to get my property search started.”

Ms Davison said: “It is now our job to prove ourselves to voters.

“We are all so committed to getting together as a block and making sure the North-East getting its fair share.”

Mr Howell said: “It is very significant that there is not just one or two of us going down to represent the North-East. There is a tranche.”