FOOTAGE has emerged of a man who today pleaded guilty to charges of affray and possession of explosive substances.

The expletive-filled videos were shot by Simon Flint and uploaded to his YouTube channel.

In a series of angry rants, Flint vents his frustration at the ritual slaughter of animals, immigrants and Theresa May.

Taking aim at Sweden's immigration policy, Flint can be heard saying: "Hopefully the destruction in Sweden when it completely gets burnt to the ground will actually wake some people up in this country, like Theresa May for one."

In another video on the slaughter of animals at what appears to be an Islamic festival, he says: "The object of the game appears to be to completely cover the entire street in blood and sacrifice some cows or whatever the hell they are, in probably horrendous amounts of pain by slitting their throats slowly and shouting all kinds of stupid words in the air."