A DARLINGTON councillor has pledged to restore the 'chaos' since the EU referendum as her campaign for the General Election is announced.

Anne-Marie Curry will be running for the Liberal Democrats party for the third time in a bid to beat both Labour and the Conservatives for Darlington's seat.

The long-term councillor is hopeful the Liberal Democrats' success earlier this year in the European Parliamentary elections will boost their performance on December 12.

Ms Curry said: "This is an extraordinary election at an extraordinary time, literally anything is possible. Both main parties have failed the electorate here in Darlington and across the country, and people are looking for a different approach."

"The chaos the country has been in under the two Conservative governments since the 2016 Referendum sends a clear message to people in Darlington that there needs to be change”.

"Boris Johnson has failed to deliver the promises he said he would die in a ditch to deliver, whilst Jeremy Corbyn is making equally foolish commitments to resolving the question of Brexit within six months, when everyone knows that what he is proposing is impossible."

Ms Curry added the Liberal Democrats were committed to a "fair and just society" and announced a plan to offer every parent 35 hours of free childcare from nine months old.

“Our spending plans will be targeted and measured” she said, "Unlike both Labour and Conservatives, we are not driven by dogma.

"We also recognise that Environmental issues and Climate Change affect us all and recognise the need to set ambitious targets to reduce of CO2 emissions”.

Turning to the question of Brexit, she added: “Cancelling Brexit is of course a key pledge if we win an overall majority in Parliament, however in the event of a no overall control situation arising, we will be supporting a second vote along with other Remain parties”.