A DISQUALIFIED driver who took police on high-speed pursuit for more than five minutes was trying to get home to see his family before getting recalled on licence, a court heard.

Keiron Lawlor was driving his partners car when a police officer became concerned about the way he was driving and started following him.

After a short distance the officer put on his blue lights to get the 30-year-old to pull over but instead he sped off at speeds of up to 90mph around Stockton.

Teesside Crown Court heard that the father-of-three had been banned from driving for six months in April and a little over three months later he was back behind the wheel of a car.

Lawlor, of Windermere Road, Stockton, admitted three charges – driving whilst disqualified, dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

Alex Bousfield, mitigating, said his client panicked when he saw the police car’s blue lights and attempted to drive home to see his family because he knew he was going to be recalled to prison on licence.

He told Judge Peter Armstrong that his client had served 28 days in prison as a result of his recall.

Giving the defendant an eight-month sentence suspended for two years, the judge told him that he was 'lucky' he hadn't killed someone that night with the manner of his driving.

Lawlor was also banned from driving for 12 months, put on a three month curfew between 7pm and 7am and ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.