A ROAD was closed for several hours on Saturday after a car collided with a lamppost and severed it at the base.

The B6286 Hunwick Lane, between Hunwick and Willington, near Crook, was closed from around 4.10pm till late on Saturday evening whilst the lamppost was repaired.

The incident is believed to have included one car, which suffered extensive damage, however the driver and passenger are not thought to have suffered any serious injuries.

A witness said: "The car spun and crashed into the lamppost and it snapped clean off at the bottom.

"I think if it hadn't the passengers would have come off a lot worse.

"The police were there for hours while the road was closed to allow for repairs.

"It's only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed there. There have been four accidents there in the last few years."

Police attended the scene along with a fire engine.

The road has since reopened following the repair of the lamppost.