CHOOSING a secondary school is one of the most important steps you take for your child’s education. At Whitworth Park Academy, we put ‘Children at the heart of everything we do’.

We want children to leave school having maximised their academic progress, but also with the social and personal skills needed to extract the maximum from what the world has to offer them.

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Learning is at the heart of Whitworth Park Academy. Whitworth Park aims to provide opportunities for all students to explore new and exciting information, to learn new skills and to improve their understanding of the wider world – a journey which will enrich their lives and enable them to continue learning long after they have left the college.

We believe that all learners are unique, and we aim to offer them personalised support in order that they may reach their full potential. Whitworth Park Academy offers high quality teaching whilst encouraging learners of every ability, and type, to be involved in managing their own progress towards becoming motivated, independent, and highly achieving students.

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To support this, we have some very clear aims:

  • to provide inspirational and aspirational learning through outstanding teaching
  • to encourage all our students to take responsibility for their own learning and achieve their full potential
  • to provide a curriculum that meets the individual needs of all students
  • to pursue excellence for everyone, and celebrate each student’s achievements
  • to prepare our students for adult life and employment in a rapidly changing world
  • to develop close links with our local community
  • to develop and maintain a close partnership with parents and carers, ensuring their support, pride and confidence in the school

As a school, we have high expectations of ourselves and of our students. Whitworth Park Academy will continue to grow, and go from strength to strength, with a committed staff and excellent facilities. We are proud of our school, and will ensure we do all we can to recognise and celebrate individual student achievements.

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If you missed our OPEN EVENING, please telephone us to arrange a visit during the school day.

Whitworth Park Academy, Whitworth Lane, Spennymoor, Co. Durham, DL16 7LN

Telephone: 01388 824 800


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