A NORTH-EAST school is celebrating another year of outstanding outcomes with results being significantly above all national achievement levels. Parkside Academy, in Willington, Crook, is Number One for consistent progress in Co. Durham.

What does Headteacher, Kelvin Simpson, attribute the success of the Academy to?

We recognise two major principles:

That ‘Your child is our child', using the premise that the school challenges itself that what they are doing for each child, would be good enough for their own child.

And Marginal Gains, whereby we consistently strive to make that 1 per cent difference that adds up to make a huge difference.

How does the school strive to provide an excellent learning environment?

We aim to achieve high academic standards, provide dedicated and supportive pastoral care and offer first-class facilities and a stimulating learning environment.

The Academy prides itself on its educationally stimulating and supportive environment, providing young people with a high-quality learning experience. In addition, our carefully planned curriculum demonstrates our commitment to preparing students for life in modern Britain. Our school delivers a broad and rounded curriculum, embracing the development of deep knowledge and understanding across the full range of subject areas.

What would you pinpoint as being at the heart of the Academy?

Our emphasis is on teaching and learning, with highly skilled, enthusiastic teachers making learning stimulating and engaging for all students within the Academy. A rigorous assessment system, alongside individual support and encouragement, guarantee that students within the Academy are able to meet their full potential. We pride ourselves on facilitating meaningful learning experiences for all of our students within the Academy.

How do you encourage and stimulate students?

Parkside places a great emphasis on developing each child as an individual. Student’s access personalised support and encouragement to ensure they are able to exceed their targets. Guidance and support is provided by a range of staff who ensure that your child has access to academic support through intervention to help them to reach their full potential.

What outside support do you consider important to your students’ success?

Parental engagement is vital to the success of any school, as an academy, Parkside understands and values the vital role that parents play in their child’s education. We believe that education is a partnership of parents, students and teachers. Parkside Academy’s vast parental engagement programme seeks to identify and break down barriers to parent involvement, and proactively reach out to parents. There is a bespoke programme of parental engagement for all students from Years 7–11.

It’s not only at Open Days that the school is happy to accommodate parents. Parkside Academy has an ‘open door’ policy whereby any parent can come in during the school day to see the school at work.

We’re proud to let them see our working day.

If you missed the Open Evening, there are drop-in sessions available when you can speak to senior staff about the Academy:

Wednesday, 9 October, 4.30pm – 6.30pm; and Thursday, 10 October, 4.30pm – 6.30pm. No appointment required.

Parkside Academy, Hall Lane Estate, Willington, Crook DL15 0QF

Telephone: 01388 746396


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