SHOCKED witnesses told how they saw a group of teenagers stamping on a fatally injured pigeon in Darlington town centre at the weekend.

The pigeon had been hit by a car close to the Boot & Shoe public house and a group of about eight teenagers started kicking it. There were younger children in the area at the time.

Jordon O'Gorman was nearby waiting for a bus, said: "I just saw a lot of teenagers surrounding it.

"I saw one boy jump and land on the pigeon. It was disgusting.

"I heard the security guard tell them to move but they wouldn't.

"It had been knocked over -  it was dead - but still no need to jump on it.

"It's disgusting and there were two younger kids with me so I turned them round. I didn't want them seeing that.

"One of the teenage girls messaged me and said a security man was telling them to do it but from what I heard he was telling them to move."