A WOMAN has been inspired by her son to launch yoga workshops for children after she realised its many benefits including relaxation, stamina and flexibility.

Mum-of-two Helen Morse, from Guisborough, said her eldest son Leo, five, has a form of autism called pathological demand avoidance (PDA) – so can be driven to avoid everyday expectations.

The behaviour of those presenting with a PDA profile is rooted in an anxiety-based need to be in control.

Ms Morse, who has a background in early years teaching, said as part of her range of workshops she will be hosting 'family raves' – which will be filled with music, glow sticks, face painting, crafts and quieter spaces for younger children and babies at The Sitting Room, Guisborough.

She said: "All this has come from Leo. I do a lot of meditation with him, and as a special needs parent, it has been good for me too.

"I trained as a children's yoga teacher earlier this year, and it was something I thought was lacking in Guisborough. Mindfulness and relaxation is something we can learn to do as adults, but it is so important for children. It is a link to their mental health and being happy in their own skin.

"It won't just be yoga poses – I see it as a chance to do a bit of drama and games, as well as teaching children how to relax and switch off.

"It is also about physical development, building strength and working on good posture.

"There are really simple ways to relax, just learning to breathe deeply, taking time out and engaging in the moment."

Ms Morse said after posting about the courses on her Facebook page, Super Yogis, she has had a lot of interest.

She added: "The raves will be a bit of nostalgia from the discos I used to go to as a child. I want it to be a creative experience for families to enjoy. Ruth Callaghan, who runs the venue, is offering 20 per cent off food after the rave."

Ms Morse will be running the family raves with her friend, Leanne Learman.

The family rave, aimed at under 12s, will be Halloween-themed and will include fancy dress, UV and glitter bar, bubbles and parachute games, and is from 9am to 10am on Saturday, October 26, at The Sitting Room, Guisborough.

For more details on Super Yogis workshops and sessions, visit Super Yogis on Facebook.