A TEENAGER was given a taste of the A-list lifestyle after a book purchase led to her starring in a film adaptation of a best selling novel.

Amelia Woodward, a year 10 student at Richmond School and Sixth Form College, is an avid reader and a regular visitor to bookshops in her hometown of Richmond.

The 15-year-old is a particular fan of the multi-million selling author Jacqueline Wilson and a recent purchase included entry into a Puffin Books competition to win a part in the new film adaptation of the author’s book, Four Kids and It.

After winning the competition, Amelia headed to London with her mum Wendy on an all-expenses two-night stay, to shoot the film’s final scene, where Amelia had a small speaking role interacting with the main cast.

She worked alongside the four children – the film’s leading characters – in the role as a passenger in a tube station, with the children running past her heading for an escalator.

The film has an all-star cast, including Michael Caine, Russell Brand and Michael Goode, as well as a cameo from Dame Jacqueline herself.

The family adventure story follows four children who learn that their summer holiday is actually a bonding trip where they will meet their future step-siblings.

Wendy, Amelia’s mum, said: “Amelia was treated like royalty throughout the visit.

“She had her make-up and hair done and we stayed in the same hotel as the cast and production team.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Amelia and it has done wonders for her confidence.”

After shooting her own scene, Amelia was invited to stay on set to watch a number of other scenes being filmed.

She said she really enjoyed spending time with the actors and crew and was made to feel very much part of the cast.

She was also ‘over the moon’ to receive Dame Jacqueline’s autograph.

Due for release in the autumn, the film is anticipated to be a huge hit.

Dame Jacqueline’s books have sold over 40 million copies worldwide and Four Kids and It is the first feature-film adaption of one of her novels.

The contemporary novel was inspired by E Nesbit’s 1902 work ‘Five Children and It’.