WALKERS in a Durham Dale were warned of "prosthetic bodies" after a beauty spot was used as a backdrop for Steven Spielberg’s latest film.

The Hollywood legend, known for Jaws, Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan, picked Low Force, in Teesdale to film scenes for upcoming film 1917.

The First World War drama stars Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Madden.

Cast and crew began arriving in County Durham early last week before preparations were made for filming.

Temporary roads were put in place over fields to allow vehicles access to the riverside, and signage has been in place for some weeks advising walkers of the potential disruption.

A notice at the Bowlees Visitor Centre read: “Over the coming week there will be activities taking place in and around Low Force Waterfall and Wynch Bridge.

“To facilitate this there will be at times a temporary closure of the public right of way on some paths. You may be asked to wait for a short period of time.”

And walkers who ventured over Wynch Bridge and down to the river were met with a warning of “prosthetic bodies”.

Another notice read: “This set is of a sensitive nature and has been dressed with prosthetic bodies. Please do not be alarmed. These are not real.”

A member of staff in the Bowlees Visitor Centre said no celebrities had been spotted in the building.

They said: “We were hoping to see someone famous but we haven’t, it’s been really busy the last few days but they’re getting ready to leave now.”

Security guards and workmen remain on site as the set is dismantled.

1917 is due to be released in December.