ANGRY residents say their new housing estate remains unfinished with roads and footpaths in a potentially dangerous state months after the builders left.

The Barratt and David Wilson Castlegate development in Northallerton first hit the headlines in July 2017 when the developer apologised for problems such as flooding and poor quality work in some homes.

Two years later, and with all the houses built and occupied, the estate is still unfinished, with missing streetlamps, un-surfaced roads with raised manhole covers and an overgrown, partially-flooded play area that remains closed.

The Northern Echo:

There have also been flooding problems with the underground drainage system.

Daniel Smith, managing director of Barratt Developments Yorkshire East apologised for the issues and attributed delays to the estate’s completion to ‘unexpected drainage works’.

Homeowner Ian McKelvie says that despite contacting the developer, residents have not been given any details about when they will return to finish the job.

He said: “It is just a case of they sell the houses and afterwards they are not interested.”

Northallerton Town Councillor Caroline Young, who is also the estate’s Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, added that unfinished elements such as jutting kerbs and raised manhole covers posed a 'health and safety risk'.

She said: “If you are walking round you could easily snap your ankle on these temporary paths and raised manhole covers; there are no warning signs.”

The Northern Echo:

Cllr Young said that another matter that has angered some residents is that play equipment has been erected either side of a footpath in front of their homes that was not in the original plans.

Mr Smith of Barratt Developments said the he was sorry for the issues that some of the residents have experienced.

He added: “The delays are mainly due to unexpected drainage works that need to be done, but it’s important that we get them right.

The Northern Echo:

“Once complete the external elements can then be finished which will deliver really attractive surroundings for years to come.

"We have taken on board resident feedback and will work hard to finish the outstanding items as soon as we can.

“We will also provide more regular updates to customers as works complete.”