INTERNATIONAL eventer Anna Warnecke is working out how to kidnap a fisherwoman on horseback and teach a horse to walk on water.

These are just two of the epic challenges facing the renowned German rider as she prepares for the next season of the country’s biggest live outdoor theatre show.

Taking place every Saturday from June 29 to September 14, ‘Kynren – an epic tale of England’ is an award-winning show featuring a 1,000-strong cast and crew, performed on a gigantic 7.5-acre stage just outside Bishop Auckland.

This year’s Viking-themed event features Arthur, the son of a mining family, who takes audiences on a spellbinding journey through 2,000 years of English history and legend.

As Director of Cavalry and Estates, Ms Warnecke, is in charge of a team of riders and drivers along with 33 performance horses which star in the show.

Ms Warnecke said: “The key to all the equestrian stunts and effects within the show is that they look world class, but also that the horses’ and their riders’ wellbeing is paramount.

“Months and months of hard work and preparation go into each performance and by the time we get out on stage everyone is safe and knows exactly what to do.”