A TURNOUT for the North-East in yesterday's European Parliamentary Election was 32.7 per cent.

A total of 623,289 in the region turned out to vote. 

The results will not be available until 10pm on Sunday, when polls across the European Union will be closed. 

The highest turnout in the region was in Newcastle, where 38.8 per cent of voters headed to the polls while the lowest was in Hartlepool, where it was 25.5 per cent. 

In Darlington, the turnout was 31.7 per cent, while in Durham it was 32.9 per cent. 

The 12 local areas in the North-East will count their votes on Sunday, with the final declaration and result announced in Sunderland at 10pm. 

The Regional Returning Officer for the North East is Patrick Melia.

The North-East returns three of the 73 UK Members (MEPs) that are returned to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Elections are being held in Ireland today and in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Malta and Slovakia tomorrow.

The remaining 21 nations which are members of the European Union vote on Sunday.