A FARM in County Durham had an unusual delivery when its donkey gave birth to a rare set of twins.

Mum Violet surprised her owners at North East Carriage Company, which is based in Stanley, when she gave birth to the cute duo on Saturday.

Ronnie, a female, and Reg, a male, are now both thriving, according to owner Lee Stephenson.

He said: "We knew she was heavy in foal but we didn't know it was going to be twins.

"She had the filly and then five or ten minutes later the colt came out as well.

"They're thriving now.

"They're feeding perfectly and they're really doing well."

Donkey twins are uncommon, with less than two per cent of pregnancies resulting in them.

The company, based at Kyo Laws Farm, specialises in providing horse-drawn carriages for funerals and special occasions.

It keeps the donkeys alongside its horses, which are used to pull the carriages.