IN the past year 343 complaints about noise have been investigated by officers from Hambleton District Council.

The authority said concerns ranged from domestic noise caused by dogs barking and loud music from both residential and business properties to complaints about noise from commercial and industrial premises such as extractor fans and deliveries.

Officers say they try and deal with each complaint informally initially, but if necessary can install noise equipment to record levels or visit the complainants home to witness the noise. If the sound is unreasonable they warn there are a range of legal powers that can be used to get the noise reduced or stopped.

"Generally people are quite responsive when they are told there is a noise problem and will try to reduce the noise or agree to a compromise," said Leader of Hambleton District Council, Councillor Mark Robson.

"But there are always cases that require more investigation. Last year we launched a ‘noise app’ for residents troubled by on-going noise nuisance to help speed that process up," he added.

This week is Noise Action Awareness Week and officers at Hambleton are urging anyone affected by concerns over noise to get in touch with the environmental health team at the district council, ring 01609 779977 or email .

Investigators warn noise complaints are recognised as second only to air pollution in the damage they can inflict on people affected, particularly through lack of sleep and time involved in collecting evidence which may be needed for court action.