AN actress had the privilege of re-enacting the historic events of the 16th century at Bolton Castle near Leyburn in North Yorkshire.

Hannah Glowala played the role of Mary Queen of Scots as part of a series of re-enactments at the site in Wensleydale.

As part of the 'Tudor Weekend' on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12, Ms Glowala portrayed what life was like during the queen's imprisonment there.

Bolton Castle is well-known for the part it played in Mary Queen of Scots' escape from Scotland.

Queen of Scotland at the time, she was kept captive at the castle following her arrival to England in 1568.

For several months the queen was thought to have had the best chambers in the castle and was attended to by more than 50 people.

According to experts, the castle did not have 'suitable' furnishings fit for the queen, and furniture and tapestries had to be borrowed from nearby houses.

The queen left Bolton Castle in January 1569 for Tutbury Castle, where she spent around 18 years in captivity.

Throughout the summer period several re-enactments of the castle's stark history will be held.

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