AN extremely young creative has used a milk bottle to eradicate a dog waste problem on her street.

Three-year-old Gabriella Barker from Thirsk in North Yorkshire was at an activity morning, where she made a dog waste bag dispenser from a plastic milk bottle.

With the bulk of the design inspired from an online-instruction guide, during the workshop at St Mary's Church, Gabriella spent hours making and decorating the bottle.

The Northern Echo:

COMBAT: The child from Thirsk decided to install it on a lamppost

Once finished, the three-year-old told her mother that she wanted to install it on her street.

Gabriella's mother Claire Barker said: “She was eager to put it on our lamppost. "My daughter was pleased with it all.

“She’s incredibly advanced.”

Ms Barker said there had previously been problems across the town as some dog owners refused to collect their waste.

Several weeks on, the installation has been used by dozens of passing dog owners.

A social-media post showing the creation has attracted significant attention.

Ms Barker added that the dispenser had also been refilled by another resident.